Inspiration, Facilitation, Anticipation, Personalization

Flykt takes you up in the booking funnel

Flykt will be able to simplify the choices and increase the emotional drive to book the trip.


Personalize your ancillary services to the customer’s needs

Offer your customer what he really wants

We integrate with all your ancillary service providers and even offer you new ones: Transfers, Rent-a-Car, Tours and Activities, Flights, Hotels, etc.


A world of marketing opportunities

We allow the user to search using his own words

Using Flykt’s free keyword search you have an infinite number of online marketing bidding possibilities.


Better know your customers and improve their engagment

Be more present in your customers lives, getting more revenue in the process

Inspire your users

Flykt allows you to be present in the beginning of the booking funnel, inspiring your users when they still don’t know where they are going

Better know your customers

When your customers use our search engine, we know what they want to do, and so do you

Higher ticket per customer

Offering ancillaries related to what the user really wants will increase your revenue per costumer

Target your offers to the client's needs

Direct your ancillary offers to what your user really needs. Offer a Jazz venue ticket to someone looking for Jazz, and a wine tasting to a wine lover

Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms

We rely on machine learning to classify destinations and learn with our users. This way our classification is not constrained to a given person in a given situation

Your Dashboard

We offer you a personal analytics dashboard, with all your user's metrics

Want to know more?

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