We created a very easy to integrate widget or API that will allow any travel company to go up in the booking funnel. We allow you to inspire your customers, but also to know them better and therefore personalize your offer. Flykt simply asks users what they know, what they want to do and how much they want to spend.
We replace From - To with From - To Do.

  • Where can I go next week for party and great wine for 1000€

  • We search our database for the best matching destinations

  • We then connect with your supply

  • Users are the presented with a list of destinations, using your supply, matched with their needs and budget

  • Because we know what your user wants

    Party + Wine

  • You will be able to offer them personalized ancillary services, besides your usual offers

    + + +

    Rent-a-car + Hotel + Wine Tasting + Party Tickets

  • And because you know what your customers are searching for, you will also be able to optimize your SEO and do more effective and cheaper Marketing campaigns

  • Flykt allows you to not only inspire your customers but also know them better, creating a more engaged and effective relationship. Therefore more revenue for your company

Flykt takes you up in the booking funnel

Flykt will be able to simplify the choices and increase the emotional drive to book the trip.


Our Search Engine allows your company to be present earlier in your customers life, when they are still deciding where to go. Inspiring them and adding value to your brand.


We spare your user from doing multiple searches accross various websites when searching for a holiday destination.


We know which destinations to suggest to your users, and anticipate which services they would like to have there


We know what your users want and connect with any ancillary provider you want to add and RTB systems. We allow you to personalize your immediate and post-booking offers

Offer your customer what he really wants

Personalize your ancillary services to the customer’s needs

Flykt is prepared to connect with the supply of any partner you already have, or plan on having, allowing you to offer dynamically packaged solutions to your customers and getting more revenue in the process.

A world of marketing opportunities

We allow the user to search using his own words

Because we allow activity-oriented, free keyword search, we know what users are looking for. You’ll be able to bid on more effective, cheaper and more complex sets of words, growing your number of online marketing possibilities

Machine made classification

Our destination classification scores are a result of complex data mining and machine learning algorithms, not biased to a certain person with her cultural biases

Free Keyword Search

We allow free keyword search, because we score each destination in every word. This we know Bordeaux as a high score for Wine and average for surf, Huntington Beach a very high score for surf but short for wine, Atlantic City for gambling, etc

And we’ll never send your users to the beach when it’s winter.

Our algorithms not only understand which destinations suit each search best, but also understand seasons and when these destinations should be visited